Wessington Court, Hereford

Wessington Court

Wessington Court opened in 1966 and closed in 1983. It took 30 boys at a time and provided residential care with education on the premises.  It was fed by local authorities all over the country who supplied boys with various pre-care difficulties, but mainly educational/behavioural. The abuse was not only sexual but physical in terms of over zealous and unreasonably harsh punishment. As the headmaster was one of the main abusers the corruption was said to be endemic.

The  abuse occurred during the period 1970 to 1985.  The convicted abusers were Dennis Eagles, Patrick Duggan and Michael Ryan.  The Police Force & Operation was West Mercia Police based in Hereford.

Our firm ran a Group Action against this school, the cut off date for which was 4pm 5th December 2003. The Group closed due to the school having no insurance cover and the company responsible for the school went in to liquidation without assets. Attempts were made to issue against transmitting authorities and one of the abusers. New cases always considered.

If you suffered abuse at Wessington Court or know someone who did you can talk in confidence to a member of our team either by email or call our confidential helpline on 0800 260 5002.


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