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Success Stories

We’ve helped many clients find the justice they deserve in both child abuse cases and elderly abuse cases.    We help the survivors of abuse claim their legal rights; giving them the chance to be heard.  We provide a bespoke, professional service tailored to the individual needs of survivors of abuse.

Some of our recent successes are outlined below.

Client receives £500,000 for abuse suffered in childhood by retired policeman Jeffrey Lake

We acted for a 61 year old female who as a child endured many years of sexual and physical abuse. The case was heard against convicted child abuser Jeffrey Lake at Burnley Crown Court on 7th September 2017. The damages awarded reflect the severe psychological injuries and loss of earnings suffered as a direct result of the abuse.

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 Client receives £500,000 for the abuse she suffered

Our client, represented by Deborah Corcoran,  On behalf of our client we secured £500,000 using the Criminal Injuries Compensation Award (CICA) scheme.  She endured many years of sexual and physical abuse by her father.  The local authority allowed the girl to live alone with her father despite the fact he was a convicted paedophile. The award takes into consideration the sexual abuse she suffered along with the loss of past and future earnings and care needs arising as a result of the abuse.

Client receives £374,743.00 for abuse suffered in childhood

Our client, represented by Deborah Corcoran, reported being abused by her father when she was 8 years old. Appropriate action was not taken by the authorities and she continued to suffer abuse.  On behalf of our client we secured £374,743.00 using the Criminal Injuries Compensation Award (CICA) scheme.

Client receives £75,000 settlement for  abuse in children’s home.

We acted for a male client who had been sexually abused in a charity run children’s home in the 1970’s by a male care worker who had been convicted of abuse in relation to our client and many others. The care worker denied that our client’s psychological problems were all connected to the abuse, however, he made an offer of £75,000 by way of compensation which our client accepted without the case having to go to trial.

Client abused at boarding school accepts £18,500 in compensation for abuse suffered.

We represented a client who attended a boarding school in the 1980’s when he was 7 years old. Whilst there a volunteer worker and governor sexually abused our client at bathtimes. The abuse became more serious over time. Following a complaint the abuser was sacked from the school though he continued to arrange contact with our client. The abuser had a strong hold over our client and the abuse continued in to adulthood. Our client contacted the police in 2007. The abuser pleaded guilty in 2008. A settlement was reached with the owners of the boarding school following receipt of a joint medical report. Our client accepted £18,500 plus costs by way of a settlement.

Client is optimistic about the future after receiving £75,000 in compensation.

We represented a client who was sent to a children’s home at the age of 10 where he spent 5 years. He was severely abused by a member of staff who was later convicted. After a long battle for compensation an award was made of £75,000 for the damages caused by the abuse. Our client is now optimistic he can finally have closure and get on with his life.

Client abused by foster mother claims damages of £146,518

We acted for a 23 year old female who brought a claim for damages against her former foster mother for personal injuries following the physical and emotional abuse inflicted on her during childhood. Our client was placed with her foster mother when she was 6 years old by way of a private forstering arrangement when her own parents were unable to care for her due to their own drug dependence. When our client was 18 she left her foster mother and reported her to the police. The foster mother was convicted and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for her offences against our client and two other children in the household. A Manchester County Court judge awarded a total of £146,518 which included £65,235 for loss of earnings, £45,000 for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, £20,000 for recognition of her future vulnerability and stress leading to periods of unemployment, £10,000 for aggravated damages and £2,000 for cost of potential future therapy.

Elderly war veteran received settlement after being stolen from in his own home.

We acted on behalf of Mr Bennett, a former distinguished veteran of World War II who was the victim of theft by three separate thieves employed by a company called Q Care Limited to provide care in his home between 2006 and 2008 when the client was aged 92 to 93. All the carers stole money off him, were caught on CCTV by his son and prosecuted successfully by the Police. It was difficult to calculate how much cash and belongings went missing exactly, but using our best calculations the total was likely to amount to at least £6,500. By the time the case came to be settled (just before Mr. Bennett’s death at the age of 96) the effect of the thefts had become quite severe in that it ruined Mr Bennett’s confidence, and affected his health. After much prevarication over various issues we were able to arrive at a settlement of £10,000, some of which was put towards one final holiday on the South coast.