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St. Vincent's, Southport, Lancs

St. Vincent's SouthportSt Vincents was in Formby near Southport, and was a community home with education on the premises catering for boys between the ages of 10 and 13 years. It is closed but date of closure is unknown. Like St Aidan's it is a Catholic management charity which owns the home but it was not administered by priests or nuns. It formed the basis of a Group Action which Simpson Millar, formerly Abney Garsden McDonald ran between around 1996 to 2010. A large police investigation headed by Merseyside Police charged several individuals with offences of abuse at the home including Alan Langshaw who had also abused boys at Greystone Heath in Warrington before he arrived. He went on to be Deputy Head. The complaint of two boys against him were investigated and dismissed by Nugent Care Society. Edward Stanton was also convicted and given a sentence of 13 years imprisonment after a trial in 1995.

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