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St. Aidan's Widnes

St Aidan's WidnesSt Aidan's was an approved school until around 1970 when it became a community home. It could take 111 boys and the entry age range was 13 to 17 years. It reduced to 60 boys by 1981 and closed in 1983. There were 4 Units which housed boys and education took place on the premises. It had one of the few secure units (called the ITU [intensive treatment unit]) in the North West. The abuse included alleged brutal caning. The convicted abusers were Terence Hoskin (headmaster) (8 years - 1996) & Colin Dick (housemaster) (4 years - 1995). Simpson Millar (formerly Abney Garsden McDonald) led a Group of Individuals all of whom allege abuse at the home from the 1960's until the 1980's. The Group Action lasted from 1996 until around 2010.

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