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St. Vincent's & St. Aidan's Children's Home Group Action

Welcome to the St. Vincent's & St Aidan's group action for any person who alleges that they were abused at any time whilst resident at homes run by Nugent Care Society. For any advice or information other than what it on this site  email us with the name of your client. Qualifying factors for membership are:-

  • Significant abuse at the home in question during the relevant period chosen
  • Instructions that the client wants to proceed with any group litigation
  • Proof of funding either by way of private or legal aid.
  • Signature of an Inter-Claimant's agreement.


To enter the secure section of the group information section you will need to enter the user name and password. It is available from us. Please email the co-ordinating solicitor with relevant details above to register with the group and obtain permission to browse the pages.

To open the secure site click here (you will need the user name and password from us - email us).