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St. Anne’s Junior School Group Action

St Anne's Junior SchoolWelcome to the St. Anne’s Junior School Group Action which includes any person who alleges sexual or physical abuse whilst attending St. Anne’s Junior School, Ancoats, Manchester which was a Catholic School managed by a board of governors and under the control of Manchester City Council.

The headmaster, John Mulligan, who was in post for many years from the late 1960’s to the 1980’s, is now deceased. He was prosecuted for alleged abuse on pupils by Greater Manchester Police in 2006, and committed to the Crown Court, but never stood trial due to ill health.

Current Legal Status

On 22nd October 2015, His Honour Judge Platts at Manchester County Court, agreed that the Court ought to case manage Claimants together, and ordered that any person who wishes to be a Claimant should add their name to the existing case of OHG v Manchester City Council, if possible, before the next Case Management Conference which will be listed on the first available date after 17th March 2016.

For any advice or information other than what is on this site email us with your name/the name of your client. Qualifying factors for membership are:-

  • Significant abuse at the school
  • Instructions that the client wants to be part of the group
  • Proof of funding either by way of private or legal aid.
  • Signature of an Inter-Claimant’s agreement.


To enter the secure section of the group information section you will need to enter the user name and password. It is available from us. Please email the lead solicitor with relevant details above to register with the group and obtain permission to browse the pages.

To open the secure site click the Login link/button at the top of the page (you will need the user name and password from us – email us).

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No cut-off date as yet, so any new claims should notify us as soon as possible