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Manchester Children’s Home Group Action (No. 2)

Front of RosehillWelcome to the Manchester Homes Group Action which includes any person who alleges abuse whilst resident at any children’s home managed or controlled by Manchester City Council. To date the names of the homes, which have been mentioned are Rosehill, Broomehouse, Mobberley, Lynwood, Ellerslie and two other small homes called Dickinson Road and Seymour Road.

This is the second Group Action which we as a firm have run. The first Group Action started in 2001 and lasted until 2007. This second Group Action started around 2008 and is continuing. The circumstances of both groups are basically the same ,as set out below.

 CUT OFF DATE SET –  4pm 7th MAY 2014

 – before which time any Claimant wanting to join the Group must have issued Legal Proceedings. Contact us now before it is too late and to avoid disappointment.  You can read more about the imposed cut off date here.

For any advice or information other than what it on this site email us with the name of your client. Qualifying factors for membership are:-Rosehill Old Photo

  • Significant abuse at the home in question during the relevant period chosen
  • Instructions that the client wants to proceed with any group litigation
  • Proof of funding either by way of private or legal aid.
  • Signature of an Inter-Claimant’s agreement.

We have arrived at a settlement with Manchester City Council, whereby any claimant, in return for accepting a discounted settlement of 55% of the full value of the claim, will not have to make out a time delay argument. All abuse cases in this Group are out of time, and in the normal course of events would have to put forward an argument as to why the case should be brought outside the normal time limits imposed in civil proceedings – the age of 21. The settlement provides for a settlement which avoids having to make out such an argument.


To enter the secure section of the group information section you will need to enter the user name and password. It is available from us. Please email the co-ordinating solicitor with relevant details above to register with the group and obtain permission to browse the pages.

To open the secure site click the Login link/button at the top of the page (you will need the user name and password from us – email us).

To read more articles about this Group Action enter the Word Manchester into the search engine above.

No cut-off date as yet, so any new claims should notify us as soon as possible