Janner & Leicestershire Council Child Abuse Group Action


Allegations of child abuse by Greville Janner

Allegations of child abuse by the late Lord Janner of Braunstone, QC, first emerged publicly in 1991; however, it was deemed that there was not enough evidence to proceed with a charge. Another investigation in 2002 did not result in a charge, as the Crown Prosecution Service did not receive relevant documents. A third criminal challenge came in 2007, when it was again deemed that there was not enough evidence to press charges.

After the presentation of substantive evidence, the decision was eventually made to charge the ex-MP and House of Lords peer for historic sex abuse. However, various delays meant that he only appeared in court in person on one occasion and this was to simply give his name before the Magistrate’s Court referred his case to the Crown Court.

With the former Labour peer’s death in December 2015, criminal proceedings for the 22 allegations of historical sex abuse stopped. The alleged victims of his abuse – which is claimed to date back 50 years – however, remained eager to gain justice, especially after so many delays in the presentation of facts.

Following his death the case turned into a civil claim against Janner’s estate, for which Peter Garsden is leading a team of solicitors representing a number of victims.

Current Status

With the high profile nature of Lord Janner’s case there has been a huge amount of media attention on the case – this has only been increased by the large obstacles that have been placed in the way of justice.

Our first step when taking on the case for a number of Janner’s alleged victims was to gain anonymity for our clients, many of whom had not informed their family of their story. Since then we have moved to provide emotional and legal support to the alleged victims who we are representing.

The claim against Lord Janner’s estate, which has set aside £1million in the event that compensation claims are successful, could also be matched by civil claims against local services that failed in their duty of care. The rest of Janner’s £2.1million estate has been frozen until the outcome of the civil claim.

The creation of the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has pushed forward the case against Lord Janner, with the Inquiry committing itself to examining the factual basis of allegations.

Ancillary to the allegations against Janner are claims against other organisations to blame such as Leicestershire County Council, who employed a number of abusive care workers such as Frank Beck. Beck, a leading care worker was convicted of abuse at homes such as the Beeches in Leicestershire in 1991 and given a life sentence. He died in prison. There followed a public inquiry which heavily criticised Leicestershire County Council, and heard evidence about the abuse. It led to the Warner Report. Janner gave evidence in secret

We continue to fight for justice on the behalf of alleged victims and are confident in providing closure once and for all for those involved, who have had such a hard struggle in their fight for justice.

Getting Help

For further information on this group action please email us. To become part of this group action the following qualifying factors must be met:

  • Significant abuse at the hands of the alleged
  • Instructions that the victim wants to be part of the group
  • Proof of funding either by way of private or legal aid
  • Signature of an Inter-Claimant’s agreement


To enter the secure section of the group information section you will need to enter the user name and password provided to you. You can email any of our specialist solicitors, who are all representing alleged victims, or you can email the lead solicitor on the case with the details above to register with the group and obtain permission to browse these secure pages.

You can find more information about our involvement with the Lord Janner case here.