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Child abuse group actions

We are currently the lead solicitors authorised by the Legal Services Commission for a number of Children’s Home Group Actions and members of the Law Society run Multi-Party Action Solicitors Panel. To read about other homes we have been involved with, click here

You may be a witness, victim or solicitor interested in such cases. If so we would like to hear from you. Please  email us (See appropriate solicitor in the table below) or fill in our enquiry form (Please state the home in question). We may not be able to reveal information to you because of the rules of solicitor-client confidentiality.

We have created special user name and password protected sites for some group actions. If there is a hyperlink to the name of the home, click it and go to the registration page. We have circulated the user name and password for each home to the solicitors involved. If you have forgotten the login details email the solicitor in charge of the home.

The Homes we have an interest in/are lead solicitors are:-

Home/Group Action Lead Solicitor Status
Lambeth Council Peter Garsden We act and have acted for a number of victims of abuse at Lambeth Run Children’s Homes. A Redress Scheme opened in January 2018, and will close at the end of December 2019
St. John’s School,  Baxenden, Lancs Peter Garsden The former head teacher, Grahame Brennand was sentenced to 19 years for abusing over 20 victims in October 2018. A Group Action is being formed to assist the victims.
Greville Janner Peter Garsden We have been instructed by a number of victims.
St. Anne’s Junior School, Manchester Peter Garsden A number of victims of sexual abuse by the former headmaster, John Mulligan, who is deceased, and was prosecuted in 2007, have formed a Group, which is under the jurisdiction of Manchester County Court. His honour Judge Platts made an order on 20th November 2015, to the effect that any person who wishes to make a claim should issue proceedings at Manchester County Court and be added to the existing claim form in the name of the Claimant “OHG”
Kirklevington Grange YOI  Peter Garsden We have been instructed by a number of victims.
Derek Slade & St. George’s School, Norfolk Samantha Follows We have been instructed by a number of victims.
Irish Survivors Peter Garsden The Redress Board is now closed for further claims but proceedings can still be brought through the Irish Courts by Irish  qualified solicitors.
Greystone Heath , Warrington, Cheshire Deborah Corcoran Cut-off date officially 31st May 1999 but new cases are always considered.
Dyson Hall, Liverpool Deborah Corcoran Cut-off date officially 31st May 1999 but new cases are always considered.
St Vincent’s, Formby Peter Garsden Cut-off date officially 31st May 1999 but new cases are always considered.
St. Aidan’s, Widnes Peter Garsden Cut-off date officially 31st May 1999 but new cases are always considered.
Danesford, Congleton, Cheshire Peter Garsden Most cases now settled – Cut off date officially was 31/05/99. New cases are always considered.
Redbank, Newton-le-Willows Warrington, Cheshire
Deborah Corcoran Cut off date officially 7th December 2001 but late joiners will be considered. Group Litigation Order published 13/06/01. New cases are always considered.
West Kirby Residential Home, Wirral Peter Garsden Group Litigation Order published 27/06/01. Cut off date officially 7th November 2001 but late comers are advised to contact us.
St Gabriels, Liverpool Deborah Corcoran All cases in group settled but new cases are always considered.
Manchester Homes (1) Peter Garsden This includes any home managed or controlled by Manchester City Council. Currently the Council are interested in settling as many claims as possible. To join the group proceedings must been issued at Manchester on or before 4pm 15th September 2004. A Group Litigation Order which was made 27/02/01 is published on the Court Web Site. Although the group has closed a new Group has been opened.
Manchester Homes (2) Peter Garsden See Manchester 1 above. Group formed by way of Group Litigation Order on 27th July 2010, for those who have come along since Manchester 1 closed.  Cut off date 4pm 12th June 2014. This group has settled by way of an arrangement whereby Manchester City Council will agree to settle all cases in the group at a discount of 55% of total value, but reserve their right to contest all issues other than time delay or “Limitation”.
St George’s, Southport Peter Garsden Proceedings issued and Group closed. Group Litigation Order order made. New cases are always considered.
Lancashire County Council Homes Peter Garsden Any new cases are encouraged to contact us. This group includes any person abused at a home managed by Lancashire County Council.
Newton Hall, Frodsham Peter Garsden Individual cases issued, no group formed but newcomers encouraged to come forward.
Derwent House, Liverpool Peter Garsden Group Litigation Order made and all cases settled. Newcomers encouraged to come forward.
Nazareth House (Nationwide) Deborah Corcoran Some individual cases. No group formed. New cases are always considered.
Kilrie, Knutsford Peter Garsden Settled. Cut off date 28th April 2000. Litigation closed 31st October 2001. New cases, however are always considered.
Wessington Court, Hereford Peter Garsden Individual Cases issued. Cut off date 4pm 5th December 2003. Group closed as no insurance cover and company in liquidation without assets. Attempts being made to issue against transmitting authorities and one of the abusers. New cases always considered.
St Edmunds, Wirral Deborah Corcoran Group settled but new cases always considered
Chaigley Hall School Deborah Corcoran Group Litigation Order. Group claims have settled. New claims are always considered.
St Joseph’s Nantwich Deborah Corcoran Investigation by Widnes Police concluded. Some individual proceedings issued No formal co-ordination.