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Abuse in Care

The abuse of power by any officer in a position of responsibility employed by a Public body is by definition abuse. Abuse in care also includes abuse taking place whilst in care by, for example, Foster Parents, or abuse which takes place because insufficient care has been taken by those in charge of a child’s care, such as the Local Authority.

The abuse can include:-

  • Abuse of a child in care whether in a residential care home or visiting a voluntary organisation which organises activities for children or vulnerable adults.
  • Failure to care properly for a chid in care. A local authority, when it puts a child into care, becomes a “corporate parent” which owes a duty of care to the child in care. If a child is being abused, and the Local Authority do not remove it when they should have done so, then it is sometimes possible to make a claim in negligence against them for the abuse which would not have taken place, had the Local Authority acted when they should have done so.
  • The wrongful use of power by a Local Authority in the way they choose welfare services for members of the community. The placement of a disabled adult in the wrong setting for their needs could come under this category.

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