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Abuse In Schools

The system of private education in this country is different to many other countries in that private boarding schools have for several centuries been considered the best type of education money can buy. Sadly, some schools have been used to facilitate the physical and sexual abuse of the very children whose parents have paid high tuition fees, arguably to no avail.

Any cloistered environment where adults can be alone with children will inevitably be a breeding ground for abuse, should a paedophile manage to infiltrate him/herself onto the staff. So clever and manipulative are such individuals that schools without diligent reference checking procedure can unwillingly, and arguably sometimes willingly, recruit a sex offender.

There are examples of schools where the headmaster/warden is him/herself as paedophile, who has recruited other individuals with a similar “interest” in children. Here the abuse proliferates undetected, and corroborated by the person in charge. In such cases an inner sect or clique operates in a type of “ring” to pass children between themselves.

Boarding schools are loosely considered to be privately funded, but the definition could include care homes where children live away from home, but which are funded by the Local Authority, and where the education takes place both on and off the premises. Until around 1985, such types of boarding school were common, when residential care of children was more popular.

Abuse where children are away from their parents is easier to plan, and implement, simply because the young person is removed from the protection of their mother and father. Boarding in the private sector starts as young as 6 or 8 years of age. As such an age, a child is vulnerable, and emotionally raw, having been taken away from its parents. As such, the infiltration, and grooming of a child is easier to accomplish, something which many sex offenders have succeeded in doing. Thus the separation from parents and the lack of love is substituted with the false love of someone with an ulterior motive to cause sexual pleasure for themselves.

An organisation known as “Boarding School Survivors” believes that, absent abuse, the system of boarding school education is wrong per se.

Ironically, many abusers think that there is nothing wrong with “paedophilia” because it means “love of a child” in Ancient Greek, something, they say, which we all indulge in as parents. Such tortuous logic is hard to understand, but easy to indoctrinate into the mind of a willing individual with such tendencies.

The way in which abuse takes place in boarding schools is similar to other types of institutional settings but can typically include:-

  • Children being targeted as favourites, and shown special attention then
  • Given special gifts which other children do not get so as to make them feel wanted and loved
  • Invited to watch television late at night in the teacher’s private quarters, a privilege which only the chosen few are allowed in an environment where watching television is restricted.
  • Abuse taking place after children are plied with alcohol or drugs hidden in drinks, and shown pornography
  • Abuse which takes place away from school either on sports trips, organised holidays, or in cars whilst being transported to and from school events, usually in the private car of the abuser.
  • Abuse carried out by the school chaplain or vicar often takes place in the church or religious lodgings of the abuser concerned.
  • Abuse in the school stockroom or store area when the child is asked to stay behind in order to “help clear away”
  • Abuse which takes place during school walks or sports activities in the countryside such as cross country running

Often the child tries to complain and is ignored, or at worst punished for lieing.

The abuse can be categorised into physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Places Where Institutional Abuse Can Happen:

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