Wednesday, 10 January 2018 / Published in Abuse News
Abuse compensation after Brexit
A recent judge ruling has highlighted the issues that Brexit may hold for those who have suffered abuse whilst in care. The judgement from Lord Justice Davis has angered abuse survivors and stressed a vulnerability post-Brexit. Lead Abuse solicitor, Peter Garsden, explains the ruling and investigates the potential effects of Brexit on those who have
Thursday, 07 December 2017 / Published in Abuse News
For the majority of us, Christmas is a joyful time of year but this is not always the case. Encouraging a child to open up about negative experiences can be difficult, even more so during the festive season. The NSPCC’s current campaign raises awareness over this serious issue, and offers platforms for when children finally
Friday, 17 November 2017 / Published in Abuse News
Before the revelations of institutional abuse in more recent years, abuse was often only ever associated with the female gender. However, it has been found that 1 in 6 men have been targets of rape or sexual abuse. Child abuse solicitor and president of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, Peter Garsden, explains some of
Monday, 06 November 2017 / Published in Abuse News
Research from the NSPCC found that 1 in 20 children in the UK have been sexually abused. What does the future hold for those thousands of survivors? Specialist child sex abuse solicitor, Gemma Pilkington, explores research into the long-term effects of child sexual abuse and explains how the effects are in direct conflict with the