Tuesday, 10 April 2018 / Published in Child Sexual Exploitation News
The Telford abuse scandal devastated the lives of many, so it’s no surprise that those who feel services did not do enough are calling for an inquiry to be held. The aim of the inquiry will be to revisit evidence and victim testimony to see if more could have been done, and if anything else
Wednesday, 04 April 2018 / Published in Abuse News
Failure to care
Specialist abuse solicitor, Peter Garsden considers the recent case of CN v GN v Poole Borough Council: Since the judgment in the CN & GN case came out on 21st December 2017, there have been several articles blogged on Defendant solicitors websites, which trumpet that this case marks the end of “failure to care” cases
Tuesday, 03 April 2018 / Published in Abuse News
Section 20 Care
Following a recently published judgement, it has come to light that an alarming amount of children were placed in Section 20 care for disturbingly lengthy periods by a local authority so that they could forgo care proceedings. Peter Garsden, Head of Abuse Claims, has the rest of the story, as well as his insights on
Wednesday, 10 January 2018 / Published in Abuse News
Abuse compensation after Brexit
A recent judge ruling has highlighted the issues that Brexit may hold for those who have suffered abuse whilst in care. The judgement from Lord Justice Davis has angered abuse survivors and stressed a vulnerability post-Brexit. Lead Abuse solicitor, Peter Garsden, explains the ruling and investigates the potential effects of Brexit on those who have